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In the heart of Sicily, where the Mafia still rules, one man and his family-run TV station, has become a relentless voice against corruption and organized crime.
“The Valley of the Jato” portrays the daily life of self-made journalist Pino Maniaci on his personal crusade to free Sicily from corruption with his family run TV Station, Telejato.

- Rome Independent Film Festival — Best Italian Documentary Award 2013. - DOK Leipzig - Thessaloniki Documentary Festival. - Monterrey International Film Festival. - Miradas Doc Film Festival. - Uruguay International Film Festival. - Biografilm Film Festival. - Documentary in Europe

The sacred and the profane meet accidentally at a wedding.  

Video under request.

A nine years old boy, a dead dog inside a rubbish bag and a trip to basement for the last goodbye.

- Kenya Film Festival 2009
- Cinemadamare 2009
- Festival Der Nationen 2009
- Festival La Fila 2008



“Out in the sky, no one sleeps. No one, no one. Lunar creatures sniff and circle the dwellings. Live iguanas will come to bite the men who don’t dream.”

Inspired by Lorca’s book, Poet in New York, Sleepless City is both a city simphony and a portrait of nocturnal loneliness and teenage angst.

- Emergencias - La Casa Encendida 2008
- Tirana Film Festival 2007



Evocative photographic collage recalling the tensions and ghosts previous to the 2005 riots in Paris. 


How does a wedding affect the members of a family?  How do traditions evolve through different generations? Juxtaposing images from weddings belonging to two different generations, the film explores the apparently trivial event that is to see an older brother leave the family house to build his own one. 

Video under request.